About Us

About Triad Home Health Services in Columbus, OH


You are the most important part of everything we do. We are invited inside your home and we promise to perform our visits with honor and respect. 


Our team will collaborate and work with any other service provider in your life. We work with other therapists and professionals for well rounded care.


Everyone has a different story and unique set of needs. Our services will be designed to meet your needs working as part of a team effort.


As a service plan is developed for you, your input is crucial. We promise to listen to your experiences and ensure your satisfaction in providing care.


We listen to you and work with you to reach your goals. On top of high quality in home care, we help with any facet of life. Together, we help you find resources in the community to work, play, and socialize.


We promise to maintain the highest level of professional quality home care. Our professionals are committed, compassionate and caring. Our team works tirelessly to utilize all resources and provide the services your family deserves.


We protect the privacy and maintain personal dignity for every family that we work with. We acknowledge all feedback and work to ensure your service satisfaction at all times. It is our organizational promise to actively listen, grow, and improve.

Our Mission:

Improving outcomes
Our mission is to improve outcomes by delivering committed, compassionate and caring services in the comfort of our client’s place of residence or community setting.

Our Goal and Objective:

Our goal and objective is to be the leading home health care company that transforms lives through our nurses and caregivers by adhering to:

  • Provide essential health care services
  • Provide the highest standard, cost efficient health care in the client’s place of residence or community setting
  • Facilitate the attainment of optimal outcomes for every individual receiving care and service.
  • Allow family members to remain together as long as feasible.
  • Assist the client and family to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible.
  • Augment care and services provided by our community, hospitals and nursing homes through provision of home health care.
  • Provide employment opportunities for individuals in a fair, safe and professional business atmosphere with equal opportunity for all.
  • Ethically manage all organizational relationships with the client and the public

Toward achievement of our goal and objective, Triad Home Health Services will annually evaluate adherence of this goal and objective.

Administrative, clinical and non-clinical staff will have input into and participate in the review of and planning process to establish new goal and objective areas.

Our Values and Behaviors:

Our values and behaviors live vibrantly at Triad, guiding how we work, the decisions we make, and the results we achieve. We deliver on our mission by living our HI & CARE values and behaviors.

  • In every opportunity we get to be honored to care for you, our “Hi” means more than a greeting. It is our initial step of providing care with Honesty & Integrity.
  • In providing care within your home or community setting, our nurses and caregivers execute their work in alignment with values of Caring, Accountability, Reliability and Exceptionality.

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