Upon admission, our clients are provided with disaster preparedness packets with important information on what they need to have for any type of disaster.  Triad Home Health also has important information on who the emergency contact is for the clients. With Covid-19 and social distancing to prevent the spread, we are addressing this with our clients and with the caregivers who are going into the homes.

At this point, we are still providing services as required and working with Senior Options and CMS to see if they can work with us on reducing contact for anything that can be done over the phone. We are also following guidelines provided by Franklin County Public Health.

We are continually sharing any updates we get with our employees to keep them up to date. We are also educational material for them so that they can understand COVID-19 better and help understand when and who to report to if they or a client they are seeing has any of the given symptoms.

If situations were to change and we were unable to provide services to all our clients, we follow Priority Codes to make sure that those who need help most are prioritized.

PRIORITY CODE 1- MUST be seen as scheduled

  • Clients need essential parental medications
  • Clients require high tech services
  • Clients cannot be left alone

PRIORITY CODE 2: MUST be seen within 24-48 hours

  • Client is receiving skilled services
  • Client is at risk for injury


PRIORITY CODE 3: Can be seen anytime within a week

  • Clients without high tech services or skilled services
  • Clients with family members immediately available to provide care
  • Clients services that can be arranged for another day


We are keeping the employees updated on what they need to do on the field to protect themselves and the clients we are providing services for. We have also provided our employee with a course that covers Infection Control specifically for COVID-19. We are providing PPE to our employees especially masks and gloves although we do not have anyone reported to have symptoms. We are also providing Lysol wipes so that phones/tablets used to get required signatures can be wiped down from patient to patient.



If an employee has traveled out of the country and does not have any symptoms of COVID-19, we are asking them to resume work and notify us immediately if they start to have symptoms. Those who have traveled in regions



If an employee has COVID-9 symptoms, we are advising them to contact their immediate supervisor and they are not supposed to work for 14 days. We are advising them to self-quarantine and contact their health care provider for further testing if applicable.



We will reach out to the immediate family to see how they can help, if no family is available or willing to help, then we will find out whether the support staff are medication certified or can give the medication

If no help, see the client according to the priorities previously discussed. In order to do this, we will reach out to our staff according to their Geographical location related and how close they are to the clients.

We also need to be ready with at least 14-day supply of medication just in case we should need it. We will set up labeled packages of medications for each patient according to their schedules in case we are denied leaving home so the support staff that are quarantined with them can help them with the medication.